How to Grow Your Business With an Online Marketing Firm

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When it comes to online marketing, things change fast. And there are so many different things to keep up with and unknown sources.

It’s easy to make and upload something. But no one can guarantee you anything.

Outcomes are educated guesses.

So it’s almost impossible to predict what the future might hold for you and your business.

Because we can’t control external factors. They’re out of our control.

So… in the ever-changing digital marketing world, it requires brands and business owners to get out of their comfort zones.

You must reach out to your customers in different ways. And that’s where online marketing firms can help.

Online marketing can do wonders for you and your growing business. And outsourcing the marketing needs to an online marketing firm is an investment in:

Expertise to Help Your Business Grow

Digital marketing isn’t limited to paid advertising and searches.

It has a broader scope and each medium requires a different set of skills. From email marketing, local search engine optimization, social media marketing, website optimization and more.

Online Marketing Firm

It’s impossible for one person to possess expert knowledge across all the different mediums.

And that’s why the best approach is to hire a team of specialists.

A team that assists and works on your behalf.

While you focus on your business.

Marketing Firms Will Help You Stay Up To Date

It’s not possible for a business to know and implement all the current online marketing trends.

And these industry changes generally show what might be required to grow and expand your business.

Because in business, change is inevitable. 

Increase Sales with Online Marketing

Which is why businesses need to keep evolving and growing as time passes. And in digital marketing, it’s vital you to keep pace with the latest best practices and technology changes. 

With the explosion of social media platforms, businesses need to embrace change. They must become more strategic.

And social media and digital marketing aren’t going away. Plus, you and your business can benefit from it. 

Just like your competitors who are already marketing online. 

Online marketing is a requirement if you want to grow, advertise, and sustain your local business.

Brick and mortar stores are dying and word of mouth is not enough. 

Sure it might be working for you today but things change. 

Don’t believe me? 

Look at GE, Toys R’ Us, Sears, JCPenney, Blockbuster, and other companies. They never embraced changed. Things were looking good for a really long time until it just wasn’t anymore. 

The Problem With Traditional Marketing

The businesses above relied heavily on old school methods of marketing. And you might be doing the same in your business too. 

But word-of-mouth and bombarding people with expensive radio ads, flyers, television ads, direct mail, and bulletin boards are not as effective anymore. 

They have decreased in value and are no longer as cost effective. 

For example, the cost of a traditional advertising campaign can end up being: $30k for a tradeshow sponsorship event. Which might end up getting you no leads, $10k for radio ads that no one might hear.

Versus $3k monthly for Paid Search (PPC) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Where you can track the results, and leads you’ve made. Saving you money while generating the same amount if not more leads. 

And once businesses figure out there’s a decrease in returns from traditional marketing and advertising they too will change.

Because unlike traditional marketing, with online marketing you can showcase your business in many different locations.

Using banners, deals, directories, and Google Maps, for example, will give your business a permanent presence online.

And you have the ability to change things when you see fit. 

Instead of relying on the same printed ad, flyer, poster or radio pitch you’ve already made and run for the last two weeks. 

And keep in mind, repetition costs will be higher with traditional marketing like and or radio ads. 

But, this is not the case when your business embraces change and has an online presence.

Why Online Marketing Firms?

Online Marketing

Online (digital) Marketing is also more data and measurement-driven. 

Which makes it much easier to measure how you’re doing with reports. 

Reports that’ll provide real numbers, conversion rates, visitors, analytics, organic rankings, paid search results and more. 

And with online marketing firms, there are greater opportunities to support future marketing efforts with reports that are measurable.

Both cost and conversion wise. 

Whereas with print and radio ads you have less tracking ability. Unless you have some promotional tracking code or another method to record your results.

And with all the different ways you can now market your business online, it’s important you track and evaluate your progress. 

You need to figure out where you want your business to go. And then assess how online marketing can get you where you want to go. 

Ask yourself, is your website outdated, does it have social media icons and images, or is it mobile friendly?

Does it have great content? Does it need some SEO work, testimonials, etc? 

And is it optimized?

Because let’s face it, there’s more to building a website than just putting pictures and words on pages. 

Your website is a virtual representation of your brand and business. It’s just as important if not more important than your brick and mortar store location.

Because you present your services and/or products to your consumers online and all over the world.

There are a lot of bells and whistle out there on the Web: social media, videos, user engagement, and metadata.

You do not need to be knowledgeable of what everything is in the internet world.

But you should be very knowledgeable about what your hired expert is doing to help your business.

It is your hired expert’s duties to share with you and strategize what are the most effective tactics in revamping your website, brand, and messaging.

That way you can clearly express the type of offerings you want to present to your audience or customers.

So, are you prepared for change? Because your website is the foundation of your company. And a great website can transform your business.

An Overview of The Marketing Cycle

How to Grow Your Business with an Online Marketing Firm

Next, we should talk about how the marketing production cycle works.

There are four phases to work in while evaluating your business and its marketing efforts.

Phase 1 is defining your digital strategies: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click).

Making your website search engine friendly is important.

Do you want your website to show up in Google and Bing?

Because if you do, adding meta tags, title tags, and meta descriptions to your website are crucial in getting found in search naturally.

And if you can afford paid search (PPC), you can show up in sponsored ads immediately on Google or Bing.

Phase 2 includes online advertising and tactics.

It’s helpful to know your target market and where your audience hangs out.

Only a fraction of your target audience is searching for what you’re selling on Google, Bing, and other search engine sites.

So… you have to go where your customers are in order to reach them.

Learn what websites they visit, what they read online, what social media platforms are they on, etc.

Google Analytics and other customized back-end softwares can assist in this traffic report.

Phase 3 is learning to advertise using media, press and social media sites.

Make the most of using press releases and social media sites for free advertising and publicity.

Using press releases is an easy way to get your message out to many customers at one time and for little to no cost.

Social media is also a cost-effective way to market your business online.

Social media has become a major source of news and information.

It’s great for interacting and building a network of friends and customers with common interests. Help you establish relationships you wouldn’t normally have, and it can be used to promote your business.

Promoting yourself via social media allows customers to view Twitter messages or Facebook timelines in real-time.

Or to watch a video on YouTube which can serve as a mini brand commercial and increase your online traffic.

Tracking Your Businesses Results Online

Whether you market your business with PPC ads, SEO, or social media sites, tracking each online campaign is vital to your overall marketing success.

Tracking lets you know if the campaign is succeeding or failing.

Or what is working with your online efforts and what needs to be changed/fixed.

Monitoring the visitors that land on your websites through advertising campaigns is important.

It is also important to know what they’re doing once they enter your site.

You can track pages visited, what action a user has taken on each page, and future behaviors.

Other statistics you may want to know about are:

And more.

So, if you haven’t updated your business so it has an online presence yet, it’s not too late.

Get to it!

Online marketing is here to stay. And it will only increase and elevate your business’s community presence and sales numbers.

Which is why you should work with or hire someone else to handle your online marketing needs.

Because a digital marketing firm stays in the loop. They know and keep up with changes in the industry.

And can help you stay relevant on the changes that’ll come.

Online Marketing Firms Offer New Perspectives

Your perspective towards your business is normally one-sided.

Even if you’re thorough with how you manage and operate your business an outside perspective can help.

Having an outsider not close to your business or brand can be a source of invaluable, unbiased feedback.

And with a different perspective, various strategies can be formulated and implemented in your business.

Which is why it’s wise to hire an online marketing firm.

Online Marketing is Cost-Effective

When working with an online marketing firm, you should discuss your targets and goals.

As well as your budget.

Because the price you pay is generally pre-decided and you’ll know what your money is going towards.

And, online marketing firms are cheaper than having your own in-house marketing team.

There’s no fixed salaries, healthcare, or other overhead expenses.

Outsourcing Allows You To Focus On Other Things

Outsourcing your marketing enables you to focus on the needs of your business.

You, your team, or employees aren’t burdened by different tasks. Tasks you don’t like or aren’t really good at.

Which means you can focus on other things.

Because productivity and efficiency never slow with the many different things digital marketing requires.

And as a result, operationally your business will never lose momentum.

Marketing Firms Have Access to The Latest Tools and Tech

Marketing firms generally have world-class tech at their disposal.

And even if you don’t hire them, they can point you in the right direction.

Many of the marketing tools and technology out right now can lead to an increase in sales, productivity, and management of your business.

Allowing you to benefits from world-class tools and tech without having to spend a lot of money.

And you can outsource your online marketing needs with Red October Firm.

Our online marketing firm can provide you:

And other online marketing needs for you and your business.

Just contact us and we will help your business grow and take off.


Adran Riley is the co-founder of Red October Firm, a photography and graphic design studio in Bloomfield, CT. He's been in the web design and SEO industry since 2015. His mission is to help others share and do what they love online. That way, they can build and connect with even more people.

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