Photoshoot Kickback 7 Networking Event

By Kyra Chambers •  Updated: 12/06/19 •  3 min read

We did it again, another networking event complete! 

On Saturday, November 16th we had our 7th Photoshoot Kickback at Studio-8-Sixty in Bloomfield, Connecticut. 

And it was a success! The music performances were amazing, the host kept the vibes going, and new photographers and models attended.

For those who don’t know, the Photoshoot Kickback is a monthly networking event for models, photographers, videographers, artists, and vendors. 

Photoshoot Kickback 7 Networking Event

But this one was a little different. 

We don’t normally have artists perform their music. But we decided to incorporate them into the networking event. 

The event was hosted by DJ Shump and the music was provided by DJ Boona. 

Throughout the night, they never lost the crowd! And the amazing talent we had kept the audience mesmerized.

To kick off the performances we had Prynce Eli. He came out on his birthday and definitely brought the energy! 

Frankie Wit Da Lisp performed after, followed by Bonnie. A dope upcoming artist that was so good at our 6th Kickback we had to have her at the 7th! 

Photoshoot Networking Event

After her we had NikMoody.  

He came all the way from Brooklyn and gave a phenomenal performance. He absolutely captivated the audience with his dope lyrics and delivery. 

NikMoody by Red October Firm

Austin Santiago a local artist was up next. And our last performance of the night was the one and only Younga B.

Local Vendors for Our Networking Event 

Red October Firm is 100% supportive of self-employment and entrepreneurship. 

Which is why we always have local vendors. We want to allow those who are trying to grow their brand and business a platform to showcase their products and services.

New vendors are always being added. 

And for this month’s networking event, our featured vendors were Shylene with her brand Jane of the Jungle. She sells hand-crafted props that aid photographers in creative photoshoots.

Then we have Popcorn Palace by Aisha who sells liquor-infused popcorn, absolutely delicious! 

Popcorn Palace

And Jana of Jodi Artistry, a local artist who sells resin creations like shot glasses, ashtrays and so much more.

Jodi Artistry

After a month’s worth of planning, Red October Firm made it happen. 

Creatives came out despite the cold, the venue, Studio-8-Sixty, was the perfect size and atmosphere, and the turnout was successful! 

“This is the best Kickback by far!” 

One of our creatives ecstatically stated.

Red October Firm Networking Event

But, on to December. 

We won’t be having a kickback/networking event this month, but keep an eye for the next one coming very soon. And we look forward to seeing you all there! 

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Kyra Chambers

Kyra Chambers, also known as Kyra The Creative is a Photographer, Artist, and Multi-media Designer. She's been taking pictures since 2016. She loves to capture memories for families and impactful images for professionals.

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