How I Started Hosting Events

By Kyra Chambers •  Updated: 11/29/19 •  4 min read

Living in a small state like Connecticut as a young creative can make it pretty hard to find an art community. 

But over the last 10 years, there has been an increase in creative events and buildings dedicated to artists of all kinds. I wish I had a creative space to go to when I first started as an artist and photographer. 

Which is why I created my event THE Photoshoot Kickback.

Humble Beginnings

The first photography event I had wasn’t called “Photoshoot Kickback”. And it wasn’t nearly as organized as they are now. 

I hosted the event only a few weeks after I booked Spectra Wired. A venue located in the heart of downtown Hartford, Connecticut. 

I made the flyer. 

Posted it on all of my social media accounts and pages. Sent it out to my friends. And I even went to a networking event at The Russell to promote it and pass out flyers to those in attendance.

Another major part of my marketing strategy was visiting high traffic locations surrounding the city whenever I made a status update or posted my flyer about the event. And when the big day came, about 35 people attended.

Most of them were strangers who discovered my flyer through Instagram stories and Facebook group posts.

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What I Learned From The First Photoshoot Kickback

Looking back, I did a terrible job organizing and marketing the event! 

I did not give myself enough time to properly market, plan and attract more people. And in the end, I didn’t even break even. 

I lost money hosting the event. Lesson learned.

But if it wasn’t for me taking that leap of faith and letting the world know what I do, we wouldn’t be having this monthly event.

And now when I host an event with Red October Firm anywhere from 60-70 people attend on average.

We’ve made it an atmosphere that’s welcoming to all artists and creatives. No matter what they do. And as a creative myself, I’m all about sharing my opportunities. 

Since then, I’ve been helping myself by being of service and… helping others. 

And you should do the same whenever possible. 

TIP: Take note of how clientele find you and keep all of your data so you can learn what marketing methods work for the audience you attract

Finding My Life’s Work

After organizing and throwing my first Photoshoot Kickback, I discovered what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

And from that moment on, I was set on having my own business and working for myself. Photography, graphic design and art became my 9-5.

This discovery and the urge to help others attempting to make their side hustle their main hustle is why we started having different vendors.

Fast Forward – Photoshoot Kickback 6

We had models, photographers, vendors, a DJ who wanted to perform his set with the crowd, and this time – music performances.

Our Line Up of Vendors Included:

All of whom are amazing entrepreneurs who will always have the love and support of Red October Firm.

And along with the vendors, there were some amazing music performances this time around. 

The performances were something new we wanted to incorporate in October’s Kickback. We had Sophia Hollywood, Siq Cliq, Sheezter Pink, and Bonnie performing their music.

And there were plenty of new faces in the crowd as well. 

New models, photographers and local creatives came out to take pictures, network with one another and enjoy the night as well. And towards the end of the night, we brought out a beautiful cake to celebrate all the Scorpios and Libras in attendance.

Followed by some wonderful music mixed by DJ Prince Mal.

Red October Firm’s Photoshoot Kickback will always be a great opportunity to build your portfolio while networking with local models, photographers, and creatives. 

And to find the latest Kickback pictures and upcoming dates, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @RedOctoberFirm

See you at the next Photoshoot Kickback. 

Love, Red October Firm!

Kyra Chambers

Kyra Chambers, also known as Kyra The Creative is a Photographer, Artist, and Multi-media Designer. She's been taking pictures since 2016. She loves to capture memories for families and impactful images for professionals.

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